February 26

The Echoing Assurance of ‘God’s Will’ is Always the Best

‘God’s Will’ is a slow-burning piano ballad and emotional song to McBride’s 2003 album. Martina sings about a young boy with braces on his legs and a lasting, spirited smile on his face.

The Echoing Assurance of 'God's Will' is Always the Best 1

Story of the Song

The boy’s name is Will. His father was gone, his mother worked all the time, and the little boy struggles to find his way in the world. Despite all these, Will has a wonderful outlook on life and he loves God. And, here is a woman who has been searching for meaning and purpose. The woman in the song looks out for Will while his mother works two jobs. They begin to spend time together, and slowly her life begins to change. Eventually, Will and his mom decide to move to California. Before he gets into his car, he gives the woman a drawing of him and her holding hands with the words “Me and God love you” written in crayon.

The word “will” has a double meaning in this song, as it’s both his name and a reference to faith. Will teaches her to appreciate her life. It is a sweet and moving song reminding us that no matter how bad we think our life is, there is always someone who has it worse but has a better outlook than we do.

Don’t Find God’s Will, It Always Comes To Us

The song’s holiness is not evident, but the greatest message we can get from it is that we need to stop focusing on our own lives. Many times, when I look at the world, a lot of things crush our spirit. I know there are a lot of Wills in this world – individuals who live their lives either with a physical or an emotional disability. Still, they are thankful for each day they’re given. They aren’t pulled down pressures and shortcoming. Through them, we are often reminded to let go of our own problems and learn to live every day to its fullest. For life is a precious gift that shouldn’t be missed with resentment and pessimism.

I’ve been readin’, writin’, prayin’, fightin’
I guess I would be still
Yeah, that was until
I knew God’s Will.

Most of us spend time trying to find and know God’s will as if God is playing a game with us. We struggle and worry hoping that by our detailed plans, we will suddenly discover God’s hidden outline that has eluded us thus far. For all our obsessing about finding God’s will, I say most of the time it finds us. It happens all the time. So, get ready the next time someone knocks on your door.

It might be God’s Will.

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