December 22

Easy Loving: Freddie Hart’s Accidental Breakthrough Hit

In 1953, Freddie Hart first emerged as an American country songwriter and musician. Hart got his first break in the music industry after singer Carl Smith heard and made his own rendition of Hart’s song, Loose Talk. The song was released in 1955, and Smith was followed by other country big shots like George Jones, Patsy Cline, and Porter Wagoner who recorded other hits written by Freddie Hart. These songs include My Tears Are Overdue, Lovin’ in Vain, and Skid Row Joe.

As he trudged through the road towards the actualization of his career, Hart went on to join Lefty Frizzell’s band for a year, where he was able to score his first-ever recording contract with Capitol Records. From there, he began releasing several singles, although none of his songs reached big-time success. In 1958, Hart transferred to Columbia Records, where he released The Wall, his first song to have reached the charts, debuting at the 20th spot.

But of all the hit songs Hart released, none would compare to the massive success brought by his track, Easy Loving. Freddie Hart wrote and recorded the song, and released in the summer of 1971. It depicts the deep commitment present in a monogamous relationship.

During the time when Hart was working on the song, Capitol Records dropped his contract. The company seemed have been unimpressed by the moderate level of success that the artist has reached.

Thankfully, a disc jockey based in Atlanta, Georgia took notice of Easy Loving. He began playing the song in the radio station where he worked, at WPLO. The song earned a massive response from the listeners until it became a nationwide hit in such a short time. Before Freddie Hart knew it, his song reached top ten on the charts by August that year.

Easy Loving went on to climb its way through the charts, until it finally reached number 1 on September 11, 1971. It remained in the top spot for a total of three weeks, though it was not at consecutive intervals.

In 1971 and 1972, the Country Music Association honored Hart’s song by bestowing it with the Song of the Year award for successive years. In addition, Capitol Records re-signed Hart into their company.

Following Easy Loving, Freddie Hart went on to release five more number one songs, namely, My Hang-Up is You, Bless Your Heart, Got the All Overs for You (All Over Me), Super Kind of Woman, and Trip to Heaven.



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