February 5

Throwback Tuesday with the Eagles Hit, “New Kid In Town”


Nowadays, people think that fame is the basic necessity to survive because a person can have anything once they’re famous. Also, they will have a taste of the glamorous life. But remember, fame is not permanent. It can be taken away anytime.

Maybe at this point, you are enjoying the fame that you’re receiving. But you’ll never know, another person might grab it from your hands. You might be the talk of the town today but it might change tomorrow. Like most people say, being famous is just like a seasonal job, they’ll never forget you until somebody new comes along. To help you fully understand what I meant, let’s listen to the hit of the Eagles “New Kid In Town” and you’ll see how a famous person’s life changed like a roller coaster.

One of the World’s Best-Selling Bands in History      

This band is one of the most respected groups in the music industry. Moreover, as a group, they were able to sell more than 100 million records and more than 100 million singles. Due to their success and contribution to the industry, this group received numerous awards and recognition.  Furthermore, the band was ranked 75th on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artist of All Time. I know you are familiar with the Eagles. They popularized the hits “Desperado,” “Best Of My Love,” and the all-time favorite “Hotel California.”

Throwback Tuesday with the Eagles Hit, “New Kid In Town” 1
Photo Credits: Eagles/Official Facebook Home page

Don’t Cling on too Much with Fame

1976 marked the date of another successful year for the Eagles because this was the time they released another sensational hit. In fact, this song dominated the international charts. I know you’ve heard the hit “New Kid In Town,” which concentrates on fame that will never last. Well, this is the sad reality and you need to accept that there is a downfall for everyone. 



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