January 11

Let’s Reminisce One of Eagles’ Greatest Hits: “Hotel California”

Innocence is the product of being pure and having the lack of knowledge to grasp certain situations. Thus, we all go through this process of change. As we grow, we gain knowledge that we can use for survival. Most of these lessons are not taught in school but through experience. Further, it is important for us, however, to filter those experiences.

Let us bear in mind that some of those are bad, and some are useful. So, it’s up to us to choose wisely on what we will carry on our journey. We are humans, and there are experiences that are bitter, sad, and painful. But remember, it is there to help us become a better person. To help you out on this, listen to the hit “Hotel California” of Eagles which talks about the journey of an innocent being to becoming an experienced person.

One of the Greatest Bands of All Time

This band was formed in 1971 where music was at its peak. In addition, they are the reason behind the great hits: “One of These Nights,” “Lyin’ Eyes,” and “Take It to the Limit.” Due to their success, this band was able to sell more than 150 million records worldwide. Tagging them as one of the world’s best-selling bands in history.

Let’s Reminisce One of Eagles' Greatest Hits: “Hotel California” 1
Photo Credits: Eagles Official Home Page

The Sensational Hit of All Time

This hit was released in 1977 and due its success, it sold more than 26 million copies worldwide. Moreover, the song was awarded as Grammy Record of the Year in 1978. I hope that you still remember “Hotel California” from the Eagles. Anyhow, upon the song’s release, it became controversial because of its meaning. But as per the songwriters and the band, it can be interpreted in different ways. No matter what the interpretation is, the song is undeniably sensational.



The Eagles

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