September 7

Neo-Traditionalist Dwight Yoakam Rocks the Hamptons with Signature Hits

In a special performance at the Hamptons hosted by Sirius XM satellite radio, singer-songwriter and actor Dwight Yoakam did not fail to blow the minds of his audience with a seamless live concert filled with cadillacs, guitars, and hillbilly music.

Set at a small club in Amagansett, New York called Stephen Talkhouse, Yoakam serenaded and entertained an entire crowd of 125 individuals. Although the show was more intimate than expected, that did not stop the country rock star from giving it his all for the eager fans and people who just wanted to unwind with good music.

The tickets for the show were made available only to subscribers of Sirius XM. From starting off with an ecstatic arrangement of Chuck Berry’s Little Queenie, Dwight Yoakam built up the energy before proceeding to other fan favorites from his timeless LP in 1987, Hillbilly Deluxe. He sang Little Sister and Please Please Baby.

Throughout the entire performance, the crowd danced and swayed with much vigor despite the venue being so jam-packed. In return for their very eager participation, Dwight Yoakam raised his breathtaking singing to the roof, proving that his talent as a Grammy award-winning country artist is just as timeless and unwavering as his looks and passion for music.

Aside from his Hamptons performance, Yoakam is cooking up a channel called Dwight Yoakam & the Bakersfield Beat. The country legend curated the channel himself, and it began airing last September 1, Friday on Channel 58. It continued airing until Monday, September 4. In addition, another scheduled on Thursday night at Westhampton Beach, NY’s Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center will make Yoakam stay a little longer at the said venue.

Surely, fans will be delighted and excited to watch their idol perform once more and make their nights livelier with a dose of head-bopping country rock and bluegrass songs. We hope this time the venue will be bigger so that more people can attend the show. After all, the more people there are to jam with, the merrier, right?


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