October 29

Opening 25 Years Worth of Memories in David Lee Murphy’s ‘Dust on the Bottle’

Have you experienced the delight of finally opening that 25-year fermented wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Or have you tasted that exquisite taste that only time can brew? This goes the same for songs that have been ripened by time. The temporary popularity the moment it was released, and the time spent carefully burrowing the song in the void before it’s finally time to bring it back up to the surface.

Entering again the mainstream media is the #1 chart-topper on Billboard’s Country Airplay in 1995 in celebration of its 25th year of release. Singer-songwriter David Lee Murphy’s evergreen 90’s fan declare that they will never get tired of singing ‘Dust on the Bottle’ and how the song’s message and appeal only got sweeter over the course of time.

Loved by the New Generation

According to statistics, the sudden popularity of the well-known honky-tonk and well loved music was due to more younger audiences streaming the song which tallies to an average million per week. The song was produced by Tony Brown, and was part of Murphy’s first-ever album in MCA, Nashville; ‘Out with a Bang’.

Not only did ‘Dust on the Bottle’ made its initial impression on the audience but other singles from the album ‘Party Crowd,’ ‘Every Time I Get Around You,’ and ‘The Road You Leave Behind’ also scored their deal in 1995’s Top 10.

Murphy’s First Sip of Success in the Music Industry

‘Dust on the Bottle’ follows a story when Murphy wrote about one old guy, named Creole Williams from his hometown who makes homemade wine. His thoughts led to another until he built up a song. That’s when Tony kicked in and gave him a cut towards music industry.

As they gave the song a title, what first popped up of Murphy’s mind is the inclusion of the word ‘dust’ to represent the time and patience needed in creating wine. This is also one of the most abundant things we see in our everyday lives. People all over the globe really appreciated and made ‘Dust on the Bottle’ a hit.

David Murphy had his career going on starting that moment. For several times, he went up and down the charts and produced music which all ages could definitely enjoy. Among those were his 2004 entry ‘Loco’, his 2018 ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ with Kenny Chesney, and many more.

But the sudden resurfacing of his first-ever hit song isn’t a coincidence at all. It was somehow planned when he had written the song’s title in one of his notebooks and thumbed through it. The way it is now, and the way the new generation of listeners receive ‘Dust on the Bottle,’ regaining the place it once had might be one bottle away to reality.


David Lee Murphy, Kenny Chesney

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