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Johnny Duncan & Janie Fricke Rendered Another Top Duet Hit

American country artists Johnny Duncan and Janie Fricke had their first taste of success as duo performers with their 1976 hit “Thinkin’ of Rendezvous.” Not long after that, the legendary singers scored their second top duet record entitled “It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better.” This further cemented their reputation as one of the seasoned country duet acts. While the two did not have any other No. 1 record after “It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better,” they still enjoyed several charting hits in the succeeding years.


Individual Careers of Duncan & Fricke

Johnny Duncan and Janie Fricke both rose to prominence toward the late 1970s. As a solo performer, Duncan released a total of 14 studio albums and charted over 30 singles. Three of which reached No. 1 including two duet records with the award-winning singer, Fricke. For her part, Fricke was a sought-after background vocalist particularly after her move to Nashville in 1975. She has worked with numerous country music stars including Dolly Parton, Lynn Anderson, Barbara Mandrell, and Conway Twitty, among others. Sure, these names were big in the country music scene and Fricke shared a portion of their success by singing background for them. However, Fricke’s collaboration with Johnny Duncan, still as a background vocalist, was what brought her to wider fame. Together, they recorded several charting duet hits including two that went No. 1 on the country charts. You have probably read the article featuring their first No. 1 duet song here on Country Thang Daily already. Otherwise, you can find that through this link. In this article, we bring you their second chart-topper record, “It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better.”

Duncan-Fricke’s Second No. 1 Duet Record

“It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better” was a Ray Griff penned song. The record was released as a single in January 1977 from Duncan’s self-titled album. It was barely a month that time when Duncan and Fricke scored their first No. 1 record together. Three months after “It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better” was out, it topped the country music chart. The song’s success helped strengthen the duo’s recording partnership, though Fricke’s background vocals remained uncredited up to this performance. But in her subsequent records with Duncan, Fricke had finally gained her well-deserved singing credit. Also, it was through one of their duet songs where Fricke obtained a record deal with Columbia records in 1977.

Listen to Johnny Duncan and Janie Fricke’s second No. 1 hit below.

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