Drowns the Whiskey (image from Youtube)

Jason Aldean talks about a heartache so deep that it seems incurable, and not even the spirit of alcohol can numb the pain. The relationship of misery and gin has been the baseline of country songs over the decades. The story may have become a cliché, but Aldean brings a new sound to the pain with Miranda Lambert this time.

Drowns the Whiskey

“Drowns the Whiskey” is the brand new release single from Jason Aldean’s album, Rearview Town. Aldean picked the best choice in featuring Miranda Lambert in his latest song. This isn’t the first time they collaborated on a song. They recorded “Grown Woman” in 2007 Relentless album.

“We’ve come up in the business together, toured together a lot early on in my career and we’ve always been friends, so I wanted to do something with her on this record,” Aldean shared to Rolling Stone Country.

Brandon Kinney, Jeff Middleton, and Josh Thompson are the songsmiths behind this heartbreak song.

Drowns the Whiskey (image from Youtube)

The music video

Shaun Silva, Aldean’s longtime video collaborator, turned the flashing story-line into a well-directed video. They both chose to keep things simple and let the lyrics speak for themselves. The scenes were shot at Nashville’s Springwater Supperclub and Lounge, a frequent music video location that also claims to be the oldest bar in the state of Tennessee.

The clip opens with Aldean sitting alone in a bar, singing about his heartbreak, that he can’t bear with the pain. Later on, Lambert is flashed drinking alone too in that same bar, for some reason.

The video leaves a question to the viewers, whether the two became a couple or they went on separate ways. After all, they were never shown together after the scene in the bar. All in all, their voices effectively expressed what the song wants to convey.

Drowns the Whiskey (image from Youtube)

Meanwhile, Jason Aldean’s High Noon Neon Tour will be completed this month, while Miranda Lambert will embark on her Bandwagon Tour in July.

“Drowns the Whiskey” has the chance to become Jason’s 21st No. 1 single.  Share if you agree. Enjoy watching, fellas!

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