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“Dream of Me” is for Those in Long Distance Relationships

"Dream of Me" is for Those in Long Distance Relationships 1
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Lovers who are separated by physical distance find it hard not to miss each other from time to time. Thanks to technology, it makes it possible for them to communicate easily and it somehow closes the distance between them. But aside from technology, there are others means that help lessen the longing felt by those who are in long distance relationships. Such comfort can be found from some great music. Some songs may be nostalgic and instead of easing someone’s yearning, they made it even worse but there are tunes that are as comforting. Take for instance Vern Gosdin’s “Dream of Me.” The song exudes a lot of sadness yet at the same time offers a load of comfort to its listener.

The Comforting Song, “Dream of Me”

American country music singer Vern Gosdin recorded the song “Dream of Me” in May 1981. As a musician who spent most of his time on the road and away from his loved ones, Gosdin could easily relate to his own record. And, bringing the song out there would somehow benefit those who found resonance with the tune by easing the burden associated with missing their significant others.

The opening verse explains the situation surrounding the narrator and his partner which makes things quite difficult for both of them. Particularly, their relationship suffers because as their circumstances keep them apart from each other. However, the last line of the first stanza brings some light to the situation further leads to the thoughtful two-line chorus.

So dream of me every time you get to feelin’ blue
Dream of me and I’ll be dreaming of you.

Songwriters Jimmy Darrell, Raleigh Squires, and Buddy Cannon penned the lyrics to the song. “Dream of Me” became a Top 10 country hit for the Chiseled in Stone” singer peaking at No. 7 on country songs chart. Prior to Gosdin, The Oak Ridge Boys originally recorded the song in 1981. Their version appeared on their album Fancy Free. Meanwhile, bluegrass and country singer Alison Krauss covered the song on her latest album Windy City. Let’s listen to the different cover versions of “Dream of Me” below.

Alison Krauss’ Cover

Willie Nelson’s Live Performance

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