March 13

“The Voice,” Gosdin Serenades his Lady in “Dream of Me”

“Dream of Me” is the saddest yet the most comforting song that you can say ask a person you love from a distance to listen to. Why is that?

Human beings naturally want to be near the person they love. You may ask what really makes a relationship so special. The answer is its ability to touch, feel and be near one person who makes us feel good, warm, and safe. However, for musicians, that requires to be on tour and be away from home.

“Dream of Me” reassures that you think of them always—picturing and finding them inside your heart.  This may be the inspiration why Vern Gosdin recorded the song “Dream of Me” in May 1981.

My life on the road has always been hard on you and me
And every time we say goodbye it gets harder to do
But when I’m far away somewhere alone and the missin’ you starts
All I got to do is picture you and I can feel you in my heart.

So dream of me every time you get to feelin’ blue
Dream of me and I’ll be dreaming of you.

Sometimes, I think LDRs are better in a sense that you appreciate the other more. You learn to appreciate their voice or that short chance to be with them. It is something that every couple could benefit from as they go through it. Not only does a long distance relationship strengthen your relationship but also the experience strengthens you as an individual.

That being said, entering long-distance relationships should be thought of a million times. Why? This will really test you. I would warn that “the waiting” is horrendous, the loneliness is crippling.

Yet, if you have surpassed all this, the overwhelming joy when you touch them is really worth it. Cheers to focusing on love instead of the ego.

The Background of the Song

“Dream of Me” is a composition by Jimmy Darrell, Raleigh Squires, and Buddy Cannon. America country music artist Vern Gosdin made a cover of the single. Released in May 1981, it was the second single from the album Today My World Slipped Away. The song landed on #7 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Other Versions

Its original version was by The Oak Ridge Boys’ on their 1981 album Fancy Free.

Alison Krauss, in addition, covered it on her 2017 solo album “Windy City”. Her producer was one of the song’s co-writers, Buddy Cannon.


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