January 10

“All I Have To Do Is Dream:” A Throwback from The Everly Brothers

Hey, it’s not a mortal sin to dream for a perfect man or woman. Also, we experienced that stage wherein we fantasized over someone. Maybe, he/she is the most popular person in your school or an athlete. But, what is the wildest dream that you imagined doing with the person you are fantasizing? Did you fantasize some naughty thoughts or are they wholesome?

Moreover, sometimes this person gives us the motivation to go to school, to work or even to excel in what we do. We do everything to be noticed. Including the most stupid and craziest things. But, how about you? What did you do to be noticed? Or are you just like the Everly Brothers who just kep on fantasizing.

The Distinct Duo

They are considered as one of the unique acts in country music due to their distinct harmony. In addition, they are also included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They must be real icons in the industry. They started their career in 1951 and they became one of the most successful acts. I hope that you did not forget the Everly Brothers who popularized the hits “Wake Up Little Susie” and “Problems.”

“All I Have To Do Is Dream:” A Throwback from The Everly Brothers 1
Photo Credits: Everly Brothers Official Home Page

Imagine You’re the Person You are Fantasizing

Isn’t it nice that the person you fantasized about is now your wife or husband? Moreover, that might be a dream come true, but for others, it will remain a fantasy. Just like the theme of the classic hit “All I Have To Do is Dream” from the Everly Brothers. This song was released in 1958 and it reached the 2nd spot in the Billboard Hot 100.

Anyway, don’t be like the person in the song who just lived and fantasized over the person they want. In times like this, you need to bring out those perfect moves you got. 



The Everly Brothers

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