November 9

Let’s Travel Back to the 70’s with Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show’s “Sylvia’s Mother”

Nostalgia is the right word whenever I hear about the 70’s. Sometimes, it reminds me of my old folks and my childhood. Let’s listen to Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show to see what kind of memories they will help us remember.

“The Eyepatch”

Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show is an American blue-eyed soul rock band that was formed in the 70’s. Also, in 1975, they shortened their name to Dr. Hook. This reminds me of the Disney character in the movie “Peter Pan.” Anyhow, the band received massive success since their debut album in 1972 and had eight years of regular chart hits. When they conquered the U.S. charts, their songs went viral internationally, especially in the UK, Canada, and South Africa.

Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show were distinct from the other bands, having a genre of mostly novelty songs and ballad. Eventually, as the competition tightened, they changed their style to disco-soft rock, where they gained more popularity. I guess, they needed to be versatile in order for them to stay in the music spotlight.

“Makin’ It Natural”

Sylvia’s Mother” was released in 1972 and it was written by Shel Silverstein. Also, this was the first hit of Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. Even more, due to its popularity, the song reached No. 5 on the Billboard singles charts. The release of “Sylvia’s Mother” was a good turning point for the band to be further known internationally.

The song was actually an autobiography. Its lyrics and message was a real-life experience of Silverstein. In addition, he was in love with a girl before named Silvia Pandolfi. However, she got engaged to another man. When Silverstein was trying to win her back, Silvia’s mother meddled in their relationship to end. It was a sad classic love story. Nonetheless, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show did a good job of interpreting the song.


Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, Shel Silverstein, Sylvia’s Mother

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