July 25

Eradicating Negativity is the Core Message of “Down By The Riverside”

Lynda Randle

In this cruel world, there are still people around us willing to reach out for help and guidance. Despite the lack of enthusiasm and the aggression, there are a few people who will try to make a change. These things should start within us. We should begin to disseminate love and hope. “Down By The Riverside” is an excellent spiritual song to help us eradicate negativity, hostility, and aggression. This is the core message of the song that, hopefully, everyone could spread.

To have a peaceful society, it should start inside our homes. In our homes, we should learn to forgive and have tender care towards each other. For once we step outside our homes, we’ll know how to appreciate others and accept their differences. With this, God is with us. He will guide us and will lead us to a better community.

Let’s listen to Lynda Randle’s rendition of “Down By The Riverside.”

Down By The River…

Hatred and war began way, way back. These were the inspiration of “Down By The Riverside.” It was written and published in 1918. Fisk University Jubilee Quartet first recorded the song in 1920 then was later released by Columbia in 1922. Also, there were fourteen black gospel recordings before World War II.

Furthermore, “Down By The Riverside” was used as an Anti-War Protest Song, especially during the Vietnam war. The song’s central depiction is eradicating negativity and aggression. It also would like to teach spirituality among people. It also refers to baptism which we’ll be reborn and be a good human being.

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Down by The Riverside, Lynda randle

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