Best known for his 1993 smash hit “I Don’t Call Him Daddy,” country star Doug Supernaw has been diagnosed with stage IV lung and bladder cancer.

The news was shared by Supernaw’s team on Facebook. They said that the singer had been struggling with a prolonged cough before visiting the doctor. He was then diagnosed with pneumonia, and additional tests showed fluid on his heart and lungs. Also, a suspicious mass is present in his right lung.

The post on Supernaw’s official Facebook page reads:

“It was then determined that it was in Doug’s best interest that he be transferred to another Houston area hospital. It was at this hospital that his medical team confirmed several masses in his lungs, lymph nodes, bones, and bladder. The official diagnoses as of now is advanced, stage four, lung and bladder cancer. At this time, Doug remains in the hospital, awaiting more testing, while determining a treatment path.”

All About Doug Supernaw

Born in 1960, Douglas Anderson Supernaw, simply known as Doug Supernaw, is an American country music star who rose to fame in the 1990s.

In 1993, he signed with BNA Records and released his debut album shortly after. His first and only No. 1 single, “I Don’t Call Him Daddy,” hit the charts and gave him his first taste of success. In addition, his debut album was certified gold. However, a series of unfortunate events dilapidated Supernaw’s journey to success. The singer suffered a broken neck while surfing. He was involved in a head-on collision and nearly died from a severe case of food poisoning.

Beyond these odds that almost got him, he remained unfazed. Supernaw fought back, and eventually released his sophomore album, Deep Thoughts From a Shallow Mind, in 1994. Although he has had gained massive success in his previous album, his second one only received moderate success. He then exited BNA after the album’s release.

Supernaw then signed up with Giant Records and released his third album. The album’s first single, “Not Enough Hours in the Night,” reached No. 3 on the country music charts.

The following years, he stepped out the limelight and that was the last time his name was widely heard. However, he had his comeback from his 20-year hiatus in 2017. With his return, he released his Greatest Hits album. For the said project, Supernaw re-recorded his five Top 40 hits and included four new tracks.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Doug and his family during these difficult times.

For now, let us listen again to his No. 1 hit, “I Don’t Call Him Daddy:”

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