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Dottie West’s Classic Hit “Country Sunshine”

Dottie West has a lot of great country songs in her repertoire but her 1973 “Country Sunshine” stood out. The song is about a contented country girl whose love interest hopes to coax into relocating with him to an urban area. The singer chose to stay where she feels happy and comfortable.

The History of the Song

Dottie West’s recording of “Country Sunshine” had originally been prepared as a jingle for a TV commercial for Coca-Cola.  It was produced by Billy Davis of McCann-Erickson Advertising who’d been responsible for the classic Coca-Cola jingles “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony),” “It’s the Real Thing,” and “Things Go Better With Coke.”

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Prior to “Country Sunshine,” Davis had co-written another classic song “I’m Your Country Girl” with West, and again it had been featured in a Coca-Cola commercial. The lyrics of “Country Sunshine” heard in the commercial vary – in some versions. Because of the song’s success as a commercial jingle, West was awarded a Clio in 1974.

Lyrics Breakdown

You say you love me and its inviting, to go where life is more exciting
But I was raised on country sunshine
I was raised on country sunshine, green grass beneath my feet
Running through the fields of daisies, wading through the creek
You love me and its inviting, to go where life is more exciting
But I was raised on country sunshine

Dottie West's Classic Hit "Country Sunshine" 1
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This Dottie West song depicts how comfortable we are in the countryside and how much we love it. It explores the dilemma of leaving the countryside for your lover. The one singing the song is not fine with it as she loves her hometown where the grass is greener and it just smells like home. In life, we are always facing dilemmas like this and we always choose what is comfortable for us.

We understand you Dottie West and we agree with you.

Listen to the song here:


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