January 16

Stunning Dottie and Dolly Duet in “Stand by the River”

They may be little in stature, but these women are giants in their faith and singing career.

Dottie Rambo & Dolly Parton Sings “Stand by the River”


Seems like I’m hearing people blurting, “Now that is Country Gospel!”

Well, seeing these women sing this tune is a pleasure to watch. Their stature is no definition of their groove for God. And don’t you love the blend in their voices? They were having so much fun and boy, ain’t it infectious?

More than merely singing gospel, both have been consistent thus far in their Christian walk. Hence, they deserve all the respect they could get not just as singers, but also as matriarchs of faith.

We’re not oblivious that they have also been through hardships and pain. Still, they persevered and were successful. They were blessed in abundance, and they did not fail to pay it forward.

Song Facts

The song Stand by the River is the fifth track in Dottie Rambo’s 2003 album with the same name. More than a gifted singer said album features Dottie’s songwriting prowess.

Song’s Anatomy

As the title suggests, crossing the river is an analogy for a believer’s journey of faith. Though the description is one of weariness after passing many obstacles, the overall thought is for empowerment. Be it an admittance of weakness or the taking hold of perseverance, both highlight dependence in Christ. Hence, the plea in the song’s refrain for Jesus to stand by the river and be with the wading disciple. However, the prospect of seeing home soon sets the happy mood in its musical score.

The song then is a reminder that living by faith does not have to mean the sucking of your life’s joy. Rather, it is through leaning on Christ’s strength that you can reach your promise land joyfully and victoriously.


Dolly Parton, Dottie Rambo, gospel

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