Today, we have so much to worry about that it gets so overwhelming and we end up worrying about other things too. However, as Christians, don’t worry and remember one important thing.

don't worry

Worrying, a common event among most of us today, and that’s worrying. Image from Pexels

Debt, safety, school, food, supplies, health, government, work, social life, loved ones, that one dark spot in the corner of the house that seems to be growing, bills, should I go on? I’m sure that reading that just made you worry as you sit there probably thinking, “Why the heck would you remind me about that!? Now, I can’t stop thinking about that dark spot!”

don't worry

Too much worrying can be very exhausting. Image from

It can get very overwhelming, can’t it? It is frankly exhausting when we have to worry so much and at times it even keeps us up at night. It isn’t easy to stop as well. After all, it seems that the only way to stop worrying is to be constantly reassured about it. However, we can’t always have that, can we?

It would be best if we could but the reality it is that we can’t have that constant reassurance given to us because other than  God. No one else knows what will happen next. This dilemma isn’t new though, even in the bible, this situation happened but Jesus reminds us what we need to do.

Don’t Worry Jesus Has Got This

don't worry

A blind man being healed by Jesus after he came to Him for help. Image from Wikipedia Commons

In the book of Luke chapter 10, Jesus visits the home of Martha and her sister Mary. Jesus starts preaching and Mary sat and listened while her sister, Martha, frantically served the guests. Distraught and annoyed she asked Jesus why He didn’t seem to care that Mary wasn’t helping her at all. Jesus replied:

“Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”

Luke 10:41-42

What is that one thing Jesus was talking about? It was the focus on Jesus, the focus on faith. We are very much like Martha as Christians, we work hard to serve and worry about everyone and everything else but we forgot the most important thing, Jesus. When we, like Martha, fail to add Jesus; we end up frustrated and stressed.

don't worry

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We as Christians have to remember that Jesus is there with us. The story of the footprints in the sand is one of the best examples of what Jesus does in times of troubles. So remember that in the midst of our worrying, we shouldn’t forget to pray and have Jesus take those worries from us. Be like Mary and always focus on Jesus.

Let’s all let our worries drift away and remember that Jesus is there for us with the song “In Christ Alone” performed by Owl City.