November 6

Don’t Touch This Cowboy’s Hat

“This Cowboy’s Hat” by Chris LeDoux is a song from the Western Underground album. In the summer of 1991, Liberty Records released it. Later that year, its official music video was made public on Youtube.

Watch and feel Chris LeDoux’s Song

Chris LeDoux was a bronze sculptor and a rodeo man who wrote, sang, and recorded songs in his spare time. At the back of his truck, he sold his albums. With his father’s assistance, in 1970, he began his own record label called American Cowboy Songs. Under the said label, he released 22 albums between 1971 and 1990. Before the year 1990, he gained notoriety from Garth Brooks’ song, ‘Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)’. From there, Liberty Records signed LeDoux. For four years working with them, he was able to release four studio albums. The song, “This Cowboy’s Hat” was released from his very first album for the record company. His major label debut compilation reached number 36 on the country charts.

The lyrics of this song have a very powerful meaning. Why should you never touch a cowboy’s hat? Let me explain…

This track tells a story about a cowboy being harassed by bikers at a coffee shop. They threatened him to remove his hat. The cowboy then explains to these bikers why they cannot touch his hat. Where the chorus goes:

“You’ll ride a black tornado, ‘cross the western sky, rope an ole blue northern and milk it till it’s dry, bull dawg the Mississippi, pin its ears down flat…long before you take this cowboy’s hat.”

Generally, this is about respecting a man’s private property and well being. When it comes down to a cowboy’s hat, a cowboy’s hat is something that he has earned. He has lots of experiences with it. It is like a badge, something he has received for living the cowboy life. No one, as in, no one has the right to take it from him.


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