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“If I Don’t Make it Back” Touches A Soldier’s Inner Side

"If I Don't Make it Back" Touches A Soldier's Inner Side 1Tracy Lawrence performing “If I Don’t Make It Back” live / (Photo credit: Screen grabbed from Youtube)

Oftentimes, our loved ones could be both our strength and weakness. Being the source of our inspiration in everything we do, they drive us to be at our best. On the other hand, whenever they face difficulties or something bad happens to them, we are hugely affected. Hence, no matter how strong as a person we are, when it comes to our family or friends, we tend to easily break down. This nature of a man is what inspired country singer Tracy Lawrence for his song “If I Don’t Make It Back.” This 2006 single of Lawrence was written by Bobby Pinson and Brett Jones. It’s one of the many soldier-themed country songs but with a slightly different approach. While many songs of this theme focused on wars or battlefield and highlight the heroes’ feat or defeat in the end, this tune centers on the uniformed man’s fears.

A Few Thoughts On the Song

Normally, we see these troopers as a perfect embodiment of bravery. They defy fears whenever they are in the combat zone. In the name of service and patriotism, they risk their very own lives. In the eyes of their countrymen, they are the most courageous people. They need to do that as their fellows greatly rely on them. However, humans as they are, they have their own fragilities too. That soft spot of a soldier is what Lawrence has emphasized on this song.

The tune represents a soldier who is going back to the battlefield. Facing another warfare may not frighten him and will never be. But the thought of not being able to make it becomes every soldier’s greatest fear. This was triggered when that time comes that they need to leave their loved ones. They never know when they’ll be back again or if they’re still able to see their families. In the eyes of the people close to them, they admit what their biggest worry is. And if in case they won’t be able to make it, somehow they want to always be remembered.

The singer brought the song to fame by performing it regularly during live shows. Below is a lyric video of the song which forms a huge sentiment to American soldiers.

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