January 14

“Don’t Be Cruel:” A Classic Plea from Elvis Presley

People always talk about love and sometimes we don’t understand its true essence. Anyhow, what is the true meaning of love? Is it general in terms of understanding? In my opinion, love differs from person to person. Thus, it is not general because a person may love their friends, family, pets, and the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. We show different forms of love through different people. Just like the hit of Elvis Presley, which talks about pure love for his destiny. Further, the hit is full of assurance and security that he loves her no matter what. Maybe, that is the essence of love for him. How about you, what is your own definition of love? Do you perceive it as general or do you show different types of love to different people.

The King of Rock and Roll

This artist started his journey in the music industry in 1953, where in different kinds of genre is starting to be well known. Further, he is the pioneer of Rockabilly, Backbeat-driven, rhythm and blues, and uptempo. Due to this contribution that he made, he received different multiple awards and recognition. I hope you know who I’m talkin’ about. Of course, who can forget the music icon, Elvis Presley.

“Don’t Be Cruel:” A Classic Plea from Elvis Presley 1
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/Official Home Page

A Plea of Honesty and Having a Pure Heart

Some people say that if you love someone, then you have to show them. Hence, we remain faithful, we understand them better than anyone else. Moreover, we will spend the rest of our lives with them. Anyhow, that is the theme of the classic hit “Don’t Be Cruel” from the king Elvis Presley. The hit is a complete package of what every woman expects from their lover. So let’s go ahead and enjoy this masterpiece and I hope that it will bring back some memories.



Elvis Presley

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