December 15

“I Don’t Call Him Daddy” Covered by Rogers and Supernaw


To begin, Reed Nielsen composed the song “I Don’t Call Him Daddy”. At first, Kenny Rogers made his own recording of it on his 1987 album I Prefer the Moonlight. The said cover occupied the 86th spot on the Billboard country singles charts after its release in 1988. This was in support of the Greatest Hits album. Years later in September 1993, Doug Supernaw released “I Don’t Call Him Daddy”. This was his third single from his debut album Red and Rio Grande. This version of Supernaw was his second Top 40 country hit and only Number One hit. It reached a peak in December 1993. In late 1993, a music video was released. In the video, Supernaw’s son, Phillip, appears in it.

The Story and Some Reviews of “I Don’t Call Him Daddy”

What is the song all about? “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” comes from a point of view of a divorced father. His then-wife now has a live-in boyfriend. At the first part of the song, the divorced father calls his son. During the phone call, he tells him that he cannot accept his mother’s new boyfriend. The reason is that the boyfriend cannot “be like” the son’s true father.

According to Richard Carlin, writer of Country Music: A Biographical Dictionary, he describes Supernaw’s version as “raising the ire of stepfathers everywhere”. The sad fact tells that the son does not accept his stepfather. In another review, Michael McCall looked into the album Red and Rio Grande for Allmusic. He called “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” “anthem for divorced fathers”.

Doug Supernaw’s Accomplishments

Throughout Supernaw’s race, he has released four studio albums. These were Red and Rio Grande (1993), Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind (1994), You Still Got Me (1995), and Fadin’ Renegade (1999). Apart from those, he also had two compilation albums: 1997’s The Encore Collection and 2017’s Greatest Hits. Between 1993 and 1996, he charted eleven singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts. One of it was “I Don’t Call Him Daddy”, his Number One single in late 1993.



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