November 21

Will You Shine with Donna Fargo Even if You are not a Beacon?

Have you ever wondered what the true meaning of light is? Maybe, we can define its generic significance, but there’s a lot of hidden meaning associated with it. Thus, from a Christian perspective, illumination is being used when we are trapped in darkness such as sin, anger, hatred, and jealousy. If you need some uplifting, here’s a perfect song from Donna Fargo.

The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA

Yvonne Vaughn or popularly known as Donna Fargo was an American singer-songwriter who achieved a massive success in the 60’s. A testimony to this can be traced when she won one Grammy Award, five Academy of Country Music, and one CMA Award. Hence, she is considered one of the artists who paved the way to the idea that women can rock the music industry.

She was blessed with a God-given talent. During her childhood, Fargo’s passion for music was noticeable. Although, Donna Fargo never thought of being a professional singer. After graduating, she often sang in nightclubs hoping to be discovered. Anyhow, 1966 marked the breakthrough of her career. Although the road to success was rough, she was able to earn her own spot in 1972 with Decca Records. I guess “Never Give Up” was her motto in life. We really need to work hard for us to achieve our dreams.

Just a Friend of Mine

“You Can’t be a Beacon If Your Light Don’t Shine” was released in May 1974 and was recorded by Donna Fargo. Even more, this marked as her first single from the album “Miss Donna Fargo”. In addition, the hit was her fifth number one in the U.S. Country Singles Charts. The song stayed in the chart for a groundbreaking eleven weeks. I guess, this is what we call a true country song, there is no doubt it was loved by the public.

Although Donna Fargo recorded the song as a country genre, it can also fall under the gospel category. Furthermore, the hit talks about being a light for other people. So as the Bible, it teaches us that God is the light of our world and so are we to people around us.


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