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Don Williams’ “You’re My Best Friend:” The Song That Started It All For Him

From the album of the same name, Don Williams’ “You’re My Best Friend” actually started it all for him in Nashville as a solo artist – catapulting him to international recognition, especially in Great Britain. 

In fact, the English once voted the single as their all-time favorite country song. And before the 1970s came to an end, a magazine in the United Kingdom – called Country Music People – hailed Williams as the Artist of the Decade. 

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In the United States, the song occupied the top spot of Billboard Hot Country Songs chart too, his second No. 1 in the said chart. Truly, it is one of Don Williams’ Greatest hits and signature songs.

Williams humbly attributed the song’s global success to the fact that people are pretty much the same throughout the world. The singer said that, for the most part, they have similar emotions, choices, and longings.

Story Behind The Song

Written by Wayland Holyfield, the romantic ballad celebrates the love and friendship of a happily married couple.

Holyfield actually penned the song with his wife, Nancy, in his mind – putting a simple, genuine sentiment of love for his spouse into a lyric that’s pure gold. “If you have a successful marriage, your spouse is usually your best friend … the closest one you’ll ever have,” the songwriter said.

“You’re My Best Friend” was also Holyfield’s first No. 1 as the sole writer of a song. He was just actually a newbie in the songwriting business at that time, and was even feeling a little insecure about the song. 

But Don Williams was there throughout the song’s process of shaping and polishing until it became a masterpiece. It then marked the start of a long and fruitful partnership of two musicians as Holyfield went on writing more big songs for Williams.

Play the video below and enjoy listening to You’re My Best Friend by Don Williams.


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