May 8

Don Williams’ “I’ll Be Here In The Morning”: Leave The Worries Behind

Don Williams

“I’ll Be Here In The Morning” conveys everyone to leave their worries behind. A country ballad that will remind everybody, no matter what you’re going through, that there is a sense of peace that will prevail in our hearts and minds. Furthermore, Don Williams the “Gentle Giant” outpoured his pure talent to this song which is one of the best country songs to ponder. The song can alter your worries.

The Meaning…

There are times; we feel so lonely and hopeless. For no reason, silence embraces us, and we think, realize and meditate. Yes, we possess things we want. However, we still feel so empty inside. With this, we are longing for something to ease our worries. Also, we are looking for someone we can hold on to, throw our problems to, and listen to the doubts slowly killing us. But somehow, somewhat, this feeling of emptiness, will vanish.

Perhaps, the best way to wipe those uncertainties away is another person or someone who can genuinely understand and fill the desolation. “I’ll Be Here In The Morning” is an example of how “true love” can mend worries, doubts, and uncertainties. It’s merely between two people willing to take the downturns to protect and show love towards each other.

The Song…

Townes Van Zandt is the person behind the words and lyrics of “I’ll Be Here In The Morning.” It was part of his album “Townes Van Zandt.” Moreover, the song was released in September 1969.

Nevertheless, it was Don Williams’ that became popular. Undoubtedly, when Don Williams borrows and records a song, he gives his all and gives justice to the song. “I’ll Be Here In The Morning” shows the heavens of his talent and voice.

The Lyrics…

There’s no stronger wind than the one that blows

Down a lonesome railroad line

No prettier sight than looking back

On a town, you left behind

There is nothin’ that’s as real

As a love that’s in my mind

Close your eyes

I’ll be here in the morning

Close your eyes

I’ll be here for a while

There are lots of things along the road

I’d surely like to see

I’d like to lean into the wind

And tell myself I’m free

But your softest whisper’s louder

Then the highways call to me

All the mountains and the rivers

And the valleys can’t compare

To your blue lit dancin’ eyes

And shining yellow hair

I could never hit the open road

And leave you layin’ there

Lay your head back easy, love,

Close your cryin’ eyes

I’ll be layin’ here beside you

When the sun comes on the rise

I’ll stay as long as the cuckoo wails

And the lonesome bluejay cries.

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