June 14

“I Don’t Want To Love You”: A Don Williams’ Unrequited Single

Don Williams
Nashville Portraits: Don Williams. Photo by Jim McGuire

Yes, “I Don’t Want To Love You” is Don William’s unrequited single but it’s certainly worth listening to. It’s one of his songs that didn’t rock the airwaves, but it can remind you of the memories of the “Gentle Giant.” However unrewarded, however unreciprocated of appreciation, it is one of best love songs ever penned.

Furthermore, the song is part of William’s album “Especially For You” which produced top charting singles on the country charts such as “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good” and “If I Needed You.” Those songs were chosen over the other singles included in it. But again, those overpowered songs can tickle your hearts and soul.

Lending your ears to “I Don’t Want To Love You” will prick your ears and flatter your emotions. Rest assured, the song will suit your mood due to its jivey melody and message of love.

I Don’t Want To Love You…


Bob McDill was the songwriter behind the words and lyrics of “I Don’t Want To Love You.” It was released in 1981 from Williams’ 11th studio album “Especially For You.”

The song simply talks about someone trying to fight the feeling of falling in love. The reason is due to the heartaches and miseries being experienced in the past. Fighting and concealing the emotions are what the lyrics portray, but love won.

Don Williams

In the course of William’s career, he had a total of 17 hits that became number 1.

Truly, Don Williams made songs that affect millions of people around the globe. Even other artists look up to the Gentle Giant as their enormous influence.

Wherever Don Williams is right now, his legacy and works of art will continue to flourish. It will influence more people inside and outside the country music industry.

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