October 16

Relive Don Williams’ Live Performance of “Tulsa Time”


Standing at 6-foot-1-inch tall with silky-smooth baritone vocals, it is no doubt that Don Williams was dubbed country music’s “Gentle Giant.” While he may have already passed, his one-of-a-kind music still lives on and will surely do for a very long time.

Before acquiring the name “Gentle Giant,” Williams spent most of his childhood in Portland, Texas, where he grew up with country music. He started to have a knack for music as early as he was three years old. At such an early age, he began singing and entertaining people with his talent.

Way back then, he spent seven years of his life molding his craft with the folk-pop band Pozo-Seco Singers. However, the group disbanded, and Williams found himself making a solo career.

“Tulsa Time:” Don Williams’ 1978 Hit

With his decision to go solo, he then produced a total of 17 number one hits and “Tulsa Time” was his eighth. Penned by songwriter Danny Flowers, the song was recorded and released by Williams on his 1978 album, Expressions.

“Tulsa Time” is an upbeat story of a man from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He leaves the town to follow his dreams. Even though he is unsuccessful, he eventually moves back home to Tulsa.

Many would say that the outcome of the tale is not the greatest. Nevertheless, Williams delivered a great and tasty rendition. The sad mood of the song was totally overpowered by the smooth and soothing vocals of Williams.

Although other artists have recorded their versions such as Eric Clapton, Reba McEntire, and Billy Ray Cyrus, there is no doubt that it was Don Williams who gave the best flavor to the song.

Watch and enjoy Don Williams as he performs live his 1978 hit, “Tulsa Time:”

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don williams, Tulsa Time

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