June 12

Don Williams Keeps Reminding Us That “It’s Time For Love”

Don Williams

The “Gentle Giant” Don Williams was considered one of the greatest legends of all time. Also, he was one of the most successful male country artists in the industry. Despite his physical absence, we can still remember and feel his existence through his singles and songs. And, he is always reminding us that love is around every single day; it can be realized through his single “It’s Time For Love.”

It’s Time For Love…

Bob McDill and Hunter Moore were the songwriters behind the words and lyrics of “It’s Time For Love.” The song was released in October 1985 under Williams’ album “Café Carolina.”

Moreover, the song has reached No.20 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It didn’t top the table, but his other singles under the same album did such as “That’s The Thing About Love” at No.1, “Walkin’ A Broken Heart” at No.2, and “Maggie’s Dream” at No.11.

The Lyrics…

Well tonight she came home early

And she watched TV alone

Lately the nightlife doesn’t do much for her

It’s not that she’s not pretty

She could have brought some cowboy home

But the last time that she did, it only bored her

Well she’s tired of crowded places

Singles bars and strangers faces

And she knows there’s something missing in her life

It’s time for love she’s had enough romance

Time for love, she’s tired of one-night stands

Anyone can see she’s waited long enough

It’s time for love she’s had her moonlight nights

Time for love, she’s tired of neon lights

She’s had everything else but now it’s time for love

So she sits down at her mirror

And she brushes out her hair

She thinks about the men that she’s let hold her

There were some that took her dancing,

Were some that took her home

But no-one ever took the time to know her

And as the tears start falling,

There’s a voice inside her calling

And she knows there must be something more than this.


Don Williams…

Don Williams was known for his title “Gentle Giant,” because of his imposing height and warm, smooth bass-baritone voice, soft tones. But, all throughout his career, he has established two more things, consistency, and great songs.

Back in 1971, Williams went back to music and signed a contract as a songwriter for Jack Clement to Jack Music Publishing Company. He recorded demos for songwriter-producer Allen Reynolds, who later went on to help projects for Crystal Gayle, Garth Brooks, and many more.

However, other artists were reluctant to record some of Williams’ song. With this, Jack Clement decided to sign him up as an artist to his JMI Records. He then recorded his very first track “Don’t you Believe.” In 1974, Williams released his song “We Should Be Together” which peaked at No.5. Later that year, his song “I Wouldn’t Want to Live If You Didn’t Love Me” became his No.1 hit.

Don Williams

In the course of his career, he had a total of 17 hits that became number 1. Only 4 of his songs didn’t make it to top 10.

Truly, Don Williams made songs that affect millions of people around the globe. Even artist look up to the Gentle Giant as their enormous influence.

Wherever Don Williams right now, his legacy and work of arts will continue to flourish. It will influence more people inside and outside of the country music industry.

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