October 9

Don Williams’ Album “Reflections” Series II: Talk is Cheap

Next on the list of the Reflections album is a second-hand song of Don with Alan Jackson being its first singer in 2012 and written by Chris Stapleton, Guy Clark, and Morgane Stapleton.

Well, talk is cheap…

Having discovered an oversight of Don’s temperament, it is not surprising that he included Talk is Cheap in his Reflections.  As one who was not much for chit-chat, he knows the value of uttering fewer words. Oftentimes, when we talk too much, we start sounding like a broken record or clanging cymbals.

..and times are wasting

While there is a time for sincere and intimate talks, there is wisdom in not wasting your breath to people who knew practically nothing about you, much less those who do not care about your well-being. Another application is to not engage in senseless, unproductive, and argumentative dialogues. You will just hoard trash talks and stress out yourself.

Get busy living or at least die trying

Better, reserve your time and energy instead by investing in yourself and your relationships. Do travel, volunteer, develop good habits, create moments with your loved ones, and accumulate new experiences. Exhaust your years on earth in living fully that when you get old, you will look back and not have a single thought of regret.

Wine is for tasting…

Using this phrase as a metaphor for life’s sweet moments is just as good as taking it literally. Like an age-old wine, life as we know it is bitter-sweet. While do not always like our circumstances, still, each one will not miss but have his or her share of happiness. Savor it while it lasts.

…roads for taking

Another way to enjoy life is to see it as an adventure. Venture beyond your borders, stretch your limits and take risks sometimes. If it works, keep going. If not, stop and just learn from it.


There goes my simple analysis folks! What’s yours? Let us know in the comments below.


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