Don Williams, one of country music’s’ greatest gifts and stars, has given us a lot of good music to listen to. Let us take a look back at one of them.

don williams

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All About Don Williams

Don Williams gave us a lot of great music at a time when country music was actually considered country music. His deep yet sweet voice is enough to make any listener swoon by just hearing it. From the moment he drops the first note to the time he ends it, listeners are guaranteed to keep their ears focused on his performance. His baritone-bass voice is one that will definitely get people to turn their heads when they hear him sing.

The country star and Hall of Famer started his career way back in 1971, usually releasing ballad songs that turn out as hits. He has amassed a whopping 17 number one country hits.

Don Williams has a really sweet and deep voice, yet when you see him he has a really imposing build but is still very down to earth, kind, and sweet. All these reasons are why he has given the nickname the “Gentle Giant” of country music.

Many artists have been influenced by Don Williams not just in country music. Some artists who take inspiration from him and have done covers of his songs are: Johnny Cash, Charley Pride, Kenny Rogers, Lefty Frizzell, Josh Turner, Waylon Jennings, Alan Jackson, Lambchop, Billy Dean, and Alison Kraus to name a few.

Don Williams’ “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend”

The country star released this song in January of 1977. “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend” was written by Wayland Holyfield. Upon its release, the song was a great hit and was able to reach the number one spot in the Billboard’s US Hot Country Songs charts where it stayed for a week.

Overall, the song spent 12 weeks within the top 40 on the charts. “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend” was Don Williams’ sixth number one hit with many more following it.

Check out the classic song here!