September 26

“She Never Knew Me” by “The Gentle Giant” Don Williams

For us traditionalists, we always look for music from the past. Perhaps, we are looking for its great sounds. One of the best country artists we love listening to over and over again is “The Gentle Giant” Don Williams. His songs really define the good old days of country music. And, one of his best songs to ponder on is “She Never Knew Me.”

She Never Knew Me…

Bob McDill and Wayland Holyfield pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “She Never Knew Me.” Don Williams recorded and released the song on October 16, 1976. Additionally, the song was part of his massive album “Harmony.” The same album that provided us with his other top charting singles such as “Till the Rivers All Run Dry” and “Say it Again.”

Moreover, “She Never Knew Me” also received a great response from the country music obsessives. It was also certified platinum. Also, it placed at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It was documented at number two on December 11, 1976. That was forty-two years ago. Nevertheless, the sound and harmony still timeless and one of a kind. Indeed, a song worth remembering.

Yes, Don Williams was “The Gentle Giant” of Country Music. This is because of his smooth baritone voice and physique. He has a distinct sound that can make your eyes water and sweep you off your feet. Also, he has the power to make you listen to his great music again and again.

Don Williams is already a standard in country music. Country artists of this generation use him as an inspiration to create songs. On the other hand, his legacy will be customary to all the country music dreamers out there.

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