October 13

Don Williams’ Reflections VI: Healing Hands

Our legendary Gentle Giant may not have had the privilege of observing the love between his grandparents, yet that did not get in the way of him intimately interpreting Healing Hands by Rex Benson and Steve Gillette. In singing the song, he remarked,


“My motivation, apart from that it’s a wonderful song, is how many people I know that have had that relationship with their grandparents.”

In his golden years himself, he might have already lived what was being described in the lyrics. Never divorce and a faithful husband to his wife, he would have that deep knowledge and full understanding of “where there is love, there’s always a way.” We, younger folks would better heed the message Don was trying to relay.

More than a love song between a man and a woman, the narrator in the song also talks about always providing “healing hands” in this messed-up world. Take every opportunity you got to impart “healing” to those who are broken-hearted and balm the woes of the still hurting. Nothing would be permanent in our time anyway including our youth, health, and wealth.

And learning how to live can take a lifetime.
We’ve got to lend a hand in this troubled world
Before it slips right through our fingers

Healing hands, something I can hold on to.
Healing hands, the touch that understands.
Healing hands, I’ll always be drawn to
Hearts that belong to healing hands.


While Don Williams is irreplaceable, any aspiring or inspirational singer in the making could still give justice to this song if they have the heart for it. I have yet to find a good cover for Healing Hands. If you are worried about the delivery, just think like Don. Sing it with simplicity and honesty. Feel every word and make them your own.


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