October 10

Don Williams Reflections Series III: I Won’t Give Up on You

When the world gives in
I won’t surrender
I won’t give up on
I won’t give up on you

Has the world forgotten the beauty of unconditional love? This is the theme of this third song of Don. In one interview of CMT to Don about how he chose the songs in Reflections, one factor he mentioned was how the lyrics make him feel.

Sure, there are plenty of mushy love songs still being written. Some are full of sense while many are just plain, embarrassing. That said, listening to musical professions of love could sometimes be iffy, but not with “I Won’t Give up on You” as written by Britton Cameron and Jordyn Shellhart.

Again, have a good listen to the lyrics and the melody first.


Bet only a woman with a heart of stone could not be swept off her feet with those words. Women’s language of love could be spelled as security and safety. That is why it is no wonder they tend to be warier than men in the selection of a mate. To a reasonable woman, a man who embodies what Don Williams croons about is the ideal partner.

As for men, those lyrics are no pick up lines to hook up with as many women as you want. (And I could almost imagine Don giving the same piece of advice to his sons). If you are that kind, then you are no man. You know nothing about loving a woman. You are just a boy who merely wants the privileges of a relationship but not the responsibilities. Those lines are for real men. They understood that love, in nature, is sacrificial. Yet for the sake of their beloved, they do it in full gladness of heart.

As a conjecture, if you want to picture what love looks like, listen to “I Won’t Give Up on You” and wrap the words around your thoughts.


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