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Don Williams’ “Just As Long As I Have You”: Defines A Reassuring Love

Don Williams' “Just As Long As I Have You”: Defines A Reassuring Love 1

Every one of us needs someone in our lives with whom we can share the things we love doing. Somebody we can rely on when we are feeling down and lonely. With this, it could be then the ultimate feeling on earth once we have that someone or somebody. Don Williams will teach us the reassuring love through his song “Just As Long As I Have You”.

Facts ‘Bout The Song… 

Of the Don Williams songs released during his 1989-1992 stint with RCA, this song is one of Williams’ comforting love ballad. From the creative minds of J.D. Martin and Dave Loggins became a fan favorite in the winter of 1990. Interestingly enough, Williams wasn’t the first to chart with the song. That distinction falls to Loggins, who recorded it with Gus Hardin in 1985. However, their version only made it to No. 72, more than a few positions lower than the No. 4 peak of Williams’ recording.

Furthermore, Williams’ version was released in January 1990. It was the third single from his album “One Good Well”.

The Lyrics And Interpretation…

Well I love to wander on a sandy shore

And I love to wander down the streets of towns I’ve never been before

Take me somewhere out of reach lie in unfamiliar sheets

And hear the ocean roar ask for more I could not do just as long as you’re there too

Just as long as I have you I’ll go anywhere

As long as you’re there too I don’t really care

I’ll go anywhere you want cause with you where I belong

Basically, the lyrics are about a guy loving the companionship of the one in his heart. Solely that person would like to be with the one he loves than someone he doesn’t have the affection at all. The one he can travel the world with and the one he can explore things.

I’ve just got to have you to make my life complete

Just got to have you there to be a part of everything I see

In the windows, I walk past in the mirror in the morning in my photographs

The candlelight cafes let me always see your face

And oh it really doesn’t matter just where the road leads

To the top of a mountain or down to the sea

Just as long as I have you…

As long as I have just as long as I have

The guy then would be the complete whole being of himself if and only if he’d be with the girl of his dreams. In this case, both then would make memories to cherish for rest of their lives. And whatever the future may bring, there might be ups and downs. Still, the guy is willing to accept those as long as he has the one he loves.

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