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Don Williams Leaves Within Us Through “Another Place, Another Time”

Don Williams Leaves Within Us Through “Another Place, Another Time” 1

Just like his song “Another Place, Another Time”, Don Williams’ presence still leaves within us. The song, really, is one of the many proofs that the “Gentle Giant” cannot be forgotten and cannot be banished from our memories. Yes, Williams is up above with God right now singing his old soul music. Physically, he might not be felt but emotionally he can be sensed.

“Another Place, Another Time” by the one and only Don Williams was one of the greatest hits of his entire career. The song was considered as the best single of his later years. Lend your ears to it remind you of the great Don Williams. Also, the song interprets the love that should have been.

The “Gentle Giant” essentially can shiver down our spine through his songs. I bet you agree, all of his songs can move our souls. In other words, Williams’ choice of music and the tone of his voice has the ability to transform our temperament.

The Interpretation Of The Song…

“Another Place, Another Time” talks about a love that should have been, but the timing wasn’t right. Both parties have the affection to each other and they felt the moment is strong. The girl and the boy just met yet the love blossoms in a snap. Also, they make each other’s alive. The only problem is the love they feel won’t prosper but perhaps someday will and somewhere will prosper out there.

Furthermore, that ironic condition can only mean that sometimes in our lives we encounter something or someone that could teach us a lesson. It could also mean a blessing that we treasure for the rest of our lives.

The Lyrics Say It All…

Oh it’s late I know I should be leaving
We’ve both got someone waiting we’ll have to go
And it’s so strange to think that I just met you
I almost wish I’d met you long ago
In your eyes I see a certain look and that same look must be in mine
And who knows just what we might have been another place another time

I’ll admit in time that I’ll forget you
Cause the truth is I still love her after all
But even though we knew it couldn’t happen
For a moment we felt something oh so strong
And in your eyes
And who knows just what we might have been another place another time

A Li’l Bit ‘Bout The Song…

Paul Harrison and Bob McDill wrote the song, especially for Don Williams. It was released in 1988 as Williams’ second single from his album “Traces”. Moreover, “Another Place, Another Time” placed No.5 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Even though Don Williams is not recording songs, performing at concerts, and signing contracts, his music and his work of arts continue to conquer us. Above all, he’s certainly up above singing his old soul music.

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