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Don Williams’ Seven Number Three Singles on the Billboard Charts

In the previous articles, we have written the seventeen number one hits of Don Williams and his two number fives. This time, we’ll provide you with his other seven number three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. These singles will definitely bring back the memories of “The Gentle Giant.” Besides, the songs will backtrack you to his stardom. The time when he was still performing on stages and concerts. The time when he’s with us providing his work of arts.


Don Williams was one of the most distinct country artists in the industry. Perhaps, it’s because of his smooth voice and unique style. It merely shows in his songs. With this, pause for a moment and listen once more to his other top charting singles. These songs peaked at the number three spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

We’ve Got a Good Fire Goin’

Dave Loggins pooled resources for “We’ve Got A Good Fire Goin'” possible. It was released in January 1986. In addition, the song was the first single under Williams’ album “New Moves.” It was the same year wherein William’s recorded and released his final No.1 song entitled “Heartbeat In The Darkness.” Also, the song was part of the same album.

Then It’s Love

Dennis Linde wrote the words and lyrics of “then It’s Love.” It was released on October 18, 1986, under Don Williams’ album “New Moves.”


Don Williams released the single on August 21, 1982, under his album “Listen to the Radio.” The song peaked at number three spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart on October 30, 1982. Richard Feldman wrote the words and lyrics of “Mistakes.”

If I Needed You

“If I Needed You” wasn’t Harris’ nor Williams’ original song. It was Townes Van Zandt and was the most romantic song he had written. In addition, the song was part of Zandt’s album “The Late Great Townes Van Zandt” in 1972.

Nine years later, Williams and Harris made their collaboration. It’s William’ only collaboration that made it to the top in 1981. It peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart on December 5, 1981.

Listen to the Radio

Don Williams’ “Listen To The Radio” had a very close fight with Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” in topping the charts back in 1982. Furthermore, “Listen To The Radio” is considered as one of the best-recorded songs of the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams. With the flush melody blended with the simple lyrics make it so soothing to the ears. Moreover, it will make you stay tuned for more of Williams’ hits. It peaked at number three on July 3, 1982.

Lay Down Beside Me

Don Williams wrote the words and lyrics of “Lay Down Beside Me.” Meanwhile, it was originally recorded by Kenny Rogers in 1976. But in 1979, the “Gentle Giant” recorded his rendition from his album “Expressions.” Williams’ version reached No.3 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Rake and Ramblin’ Man

Bob McDill wrote the song and was primarily recorded by Williams. Williams recorded most of McDill’s compositions. It is said that Williams’ was McDill’s favorite country artist. Furthermore, “Rake and Ramblin’ Man” was released in July 1978. In addition, it was Williams’ third single from his album “Country Boy.” The song became No.3 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs.


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