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“Nobody But You”: Don Williams’ Another Top Charting Single In 1983

Don Williams

In 1983, the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams placed many No.1 singles on the country charts. These were “Love Is On A Roll,” “Stay Young,” and of course “Nobody But You,” and many more. But all in all, he has placed a total of 17 No.1 songs. These are proofs that Don Williams’ choice of music can top the chart. On the other hand, those songs can touch people’s lives with every beat of every single.

In Williams’ entire career, he rocked the airwaves with more than 40 singles making him one of the best country singers of all time. He is already a legend. A legend that most of our country singers these days look up to. Those artists even cover his songs. Also, country music obsessives were inspired, touched, and struck by the power of his voice.

With this, Don Williams is one of the legends worth remembering. His voice, the passion, and his great music can bring his memories back. Listen to one of his mellow music that once rocked the airwaves in the 80s. It’s called “Nobody But You.”

Nobody But You…

J.D. Martin and John Jarrard pooled resources to write the “Nobody But You.” The song was released as a second single in July 1983. Also, it was part of his album “Yellow Moon.” The song became as No.2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. On the other hand, the song became No.1 on the RPM Country Track charts in Canada.

Moreover, “Nobody But You” had a close fight topping the chart on the billboard with Ronnie Milsap’s son “Don’t You Know How Much I Love You.” Also, with the song “You’ve Got A Lover” by Ricky Skaggs.

The Lyrics…

Who, by touching my hands

Makes me understand, questions my heart is asking

Who, opened my eyes, made me realize

Love is everlasting

Nobody but you, nobody but you

There’s nobody else, could love me, as you do

Nobody but you could see me through

Your love is true and I don’t need nobody but you

Who comes just close enough

And shows me that love is nothing to be afraid of

Who holds me so tight every night

And shows me what love is made of

Nobody but you, nobody but you

There’s nobody else, could love me, as you do

Nobody but you could see me through

Your love is true, and I don’t need anybody but you

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