March 27

Don Williams’ No. 2 Song in 1976: “She Never Knew Me”

don williams she never knew me

How sure are you about the person you love? Sometimes we think we know someone for years, but it turns out that they are not the person whom we thought they were. Sometimes it’s not even the years together that counts, but how much better you know about the person.

“She Never Knew Me” Chart Performance

Don Williams is truly a great country musician. He always delivers a song in a way that will really hit you. “She Never Knew Me,” written by Wayland Holyfield and Bob McDill in 1976, hit the No. 2 spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs for 15 weeks, in 1976. The song was included in Williams’ album, Harmony. It was his 5th studio album released in 1976. Harmony peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums for 27 weeks.

The Song’s Content

The best part of falling in love is getting to know someone. Knowing everything about them and being sure about it. However, people change, they might be someone today, but next time they will be someone different from what you thought of. Every person has limitations, especially if it’s about love. Some people can handle returning back to the same person over and over again. Others can forgive a person over and over again. While some can love a person over and over again despite the fact that they broke their hearts. However, all things come to an end. The person you once thought who loved you and forgave you all the time will, eventually get tired and finally walk out.

Here in Williams’ song, “She Never Knew Me”, the man in have fought with his love all the time so they always end up together. She walks out of their relationship and then the next day, she returns because she knew that the man loves her and he will be waiting for her no matter what. But he was fed up with the routine of their relationship that even if he loves her, he finally gave up on her. But the woman thought that he is still waiting for her like he used to. Without her knowing he is not there anymore.


don williams, she never knew me

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