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“Miracles”: One of Don Williams’ Top Single on the Chart

don williams miracles

What is a miracle for you? We always believe that miracles are big gestures from God, something that happens sometimes. However, that is not the case with Don Williams’ song “Miracles.” To find out more about what miracles are, listen to Williams’ song and be enlightened by it.

Chart Performance of “Miracles”

“Miracles” was released by Don Williams in 1981. It was the fifth track on the B-side of his album Especially For You. The song was written by Roger Cook and released under MCA label. Williams’ song “Miracles” reached the No. 4 position on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs in 1981. In Addition, the song crossover the US Billboard Pop chart at No. 32 in 1981. While his album, Especially for You, was able to hit the No. 5 position on the US Billboard Top Country Albums. It is no miracle that Williams’ song always hit the top of the charts.

The Song’s Content

We always believe that miracles are big things that happen in our life. We pray to God that something good will happen and when it does, we call it a miracle. However, we forget that miracles are not just the grand things in life. Sometimes miracles can be the small things we look past through. It could be the laughter of a child, the moment you wake up, or the ability to walk. All the things we experience and we have are actually miracles that we take for granted.

Just like in Williams’ song, he appreciated everything he has in life. He doesn’t care if he is rich or poor because he is happy with his life and doesn’t need more than what he has. He knows that not worrying too much will set your mind free. I hope Don Williams’ song made you realize to appreciate everything you have in life, even the simple things.


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don williams, miracles

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