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Don Williams Sings the Story of “The Lonely Woman” In “Maggie’s Dream”

Don Williams

No doubt, Don Williams can strike us, touch us, and make us cry through his songs. It’s like, telling a story simply with music. And it is more emotional with his mellow voice and of course the powerful lyrics. Perhaps, “Maggie’s Dream” is one of his saddest songs ever recorded. The words and lyrics can make your eyes water. Also, with a slow and genial tune, it can lead you to realizations.

The Song…

Dave Loggins and Lisa Silver pooled resources at creating the words and lyrics of “Maggie’s Dream.” The writers specifically wrote the song for the “Gentle Giant.” Moreover, they believe it will be more powerful and soulful with the voice of Don Williams.

Furthermore, “Maggie’s Dream” was released on September 1, 1984. Also, it was part of Williams’ album entitled “Cafe Carolina.” The song became No.11 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It’s out of top 10, but I’m pretty sure it has reached millions of people. In 2017, as a tribute, Trisha Yearwood, covered the song in the album “Gentle Giants: The Music Of Don Williams.”

The Story…

Read and analyze the lyrics; it will tell a story of a woman doing things on her own again and again. She’s working as a waitress for so long, serving different people every day. Maggie mingles and making friends with her customers day after day. Once they’re gone, she was left all alone, and she relies on the record player. Moreover, Maggie has a dream, a simple dream of becoming a wife, which only means, she’s longing for “love,” commitment, and bliss of having someone in her life. But, she’s becoming old doing the same things making her sad more and more. Furthermore, Maggie is longing for something in her life she didn’t have. She’s longing for a bliss.

The Lyrics…

Maggie’s up each morning at four am

By five at the counter at the diner

Her trucker friends out on the road will soon be stopping in

As the lights go on at Cafe Carolina

Maggie’s been a waitress here most all her life

Thirty years of coffee cups and sore feet

The mountains around Ashville she’s never seen the other side

Closer now to fifty than to forty

Maggie’s never had a love

She said she’s never had enough

Time to let a man into her life

Aw but Maggie has a dream

She’s had since she was seventeen

To find a husband and be a wife

Maggie knows the truckers most by the first name

What they’ll have to say and what they’ll order

And they take her in their stories to places far away

Leave her with the dishes, dreams and quarters

And she relies upon the jukebox on a lonely afternoon

When the business starts to slow down, she plays the saddest tunes

And she stares off down the highway, and she wonders where it goes

Nobody to go home to and it’s almost time to close

The Gentle Giant…

Don Williams died on September 8, 2017, but his legacy continues. In fact, his song is still being covered by various artist. Also, his songs are still being engaged at in different platforms. Indeed, he’s one of the most influential country artists.

In 2010, Don Williams was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame. This recognition is the highest honor to bestow upon an artist.

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