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“Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy” By Don Williams And Josh Turner


“Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy” By Don Williams And Josh Turner 1

There are tons of songs about being a country boy. Those songs represent a tale of living in the countryside. Also, those describe someone embracing the life of a country. But if there’s a specific melody that depicts a story of a country boy then definitely that is “Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy.” The song becomes more meaningful to the tune of the original Don Williams and the breath of fresh air Josh Turner.

The Content…

“Lord have Mercy On A Country Boy,” tells a story of a guy living in a city but missing the life of the country. It also shows the struggle of the country boy trying to live in a world where he feels he doesn’t fit in.

Moreover, the boy misses the world or a place, which is the countryside, where he grew up. Everything on that particular place from the clear river, hunting, and the fields to the meadow and the trees, he remembers. The memories flashback.

The Song…

“Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy” is a song written by Bob McDill which originally recorded by the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams. It was released in May 1991 as the third single from his album “True Love.” The song was Williams’ last top ten single which peaked at No. 7 on Hot Country Songs and No. 17 on Canadian RPM Country Tracks.

On the other hand, the song was covered by Josh Turner on his 2006 album “Your Man”. It was one of Turner’s signature songs.

The Lyrics…

Well, I grew up wild and free

Walkin’ these fields in my barefeet

There wasn’t no place I couldn’t go

With a 22 rifle and a fishin’ pole

When I was young I remember well

I’d hunt the wild turkey and bobwhite quail

The river was clear and deep back then

Had fishin’ lines tied to the willow limb

Well, I live in the city but don’t fit in

You know it’s a pity the shape I’m in

Well, I got no home and I got no choice

Oh, Lord, have mercy on a country boy

Well, they damned the river, they damned the stream

They cut down the Cyprus and the Sweetgum trees

There’s a laundromat and a barbershop

And now the whole meadow is a parking lot

Well, I live in the city but don’t fit in

You know it’s a pity the shape I’m in

Well, I got no home and I got no choice

Oh, Lord, have mercy on a country boy

Don Williams…

Don Williams was known as the “Gentle Giant” of Country Music. This is because of his height and warm, smooth bass-baritone voice, and soft tones. Throughout his career, every song he had released hit the country charts.

Josh Turner…

Josh Turner is a devotee and considered as the new era of Honky Tonk. Simply because of his deep-toned voice and style of music. Also, Turner is a breath of fresh air yet an old soul.

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