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Don Williams’ “He’s a Friend of Mine”: Jesus Saviour Man

Don Williams

It is not only soulful songs that Don Williams render to the people but also gospel hymns. We all know, the “Gentle Giant” can touch our hearts through his choice of music. But, he can also pierce our souls through his Jesus themed melodies. A perfect example of this is “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good” and “He’s A Friend Of Mine.”

The Song…

“He’s A Friend Of Mine” talks about a situation wherein when you’re feeling low and unhappy Jesus is with you. Also, there are times you’re feeling frightened of the dark and of anything wrong that can happen, Jesus is there to guide you and be your light. When you’re depressed and stressed, there is no other than Jesus to hold on to. He will ease whatever sadness you’re going through.

Above all, Jesus is always there for us, no matter what happens. He can do things to make you better, to lead you in the right direction. What we only need to do is talk to him, throw him our worries, and connect with him. Physically, we are unable to bond with Jesus, but through our prayers, we can unite our hearts.

The Lyrics…

You brought me down when I was up to see you

Then tried to tell me everything was fine

But in my heart, I knew I never knew you

I knew your name, and you knew mine

But there’s Someone I would like for you to meet

He’s a friend of mine

At home alone or in the street

He’ll stay much closer, closer to you than I can

Let me tell you of this Jesus Saviour man

The times you’re low, and no-one’s here to please you

Or fear will freeze you when the night would fall

There is no other one I know to ease you

For He is love and loves us all

And He’ll help us if we listen to the call

And there’s Someone I would like for you to meet

He’s a friend of mine

At home alone or in the street

He’ll stay much closer, closer to you than I can

Take the hand of this Jesus Saviour man

All throughout our existence, we make ethical conducts and inappropriate ones as well. We are humans, and we tend to make mistakes. Those mistakes affect our behaviors, the way we deal with people, and decisions in life. Most of the time we are hurt, and we are likely to harm others. But with the guidance of Jesus, we can still straighten our choices out, be better human beings, and make our lives better. This is the time to get closer to Jesus.

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