June 28

Don Williams’ Final Performance Of “Good Ole Boys Like Me”


Don Williams

Before Don Williams strummed his guitar up above, he left us with a remarkable performance of “Good Ole Boys Like Me.” It sure marked a significance to his works of art. Also, the performance left a memory for the country music obsessives to remember his great music and certainly his legacy.

His legacy that will never be forgotten but indeed will continuously be harked back again and again. Don Williams, the “Gentle Giant” of country music, has a distinct voice that no one can replace. His persona and talent are one of the precious gifts we would like to reminisce. It brings the good old days and the music of yesterday.

Watch the last Don Williams’ performance of “Good Ole Boys Like Me” for it will definitely bring his memories back. This song will linger from your hearts as it will make your eyes water.

Good Ole Boys Like Me…

Bob McDill, one of the greatest songwriters in the industry, wrote “Good Ole Boys Like Me.” It was released in March 1980 as part of Williams’ album “Portrait.” The album was Williams’ very first to release for MCA Records.

Furthermore, “Good Ole Boys Like Me” didn’t top the country charts. In fact, the song went at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Nevertheless, his hit “Love Me Over Again” placed at number one which became Williams’ tenth number one single in his entire career.


This video shows Don Williams’ performance of “Good Ole Boys Like Me” back in the days.

Don Williams…

Don Williams

The reason for Don Williams’ great skills at singing is due to his early exposure to music. When he was 3-years-old, he sang at a public contest, which was his first public performance ever. Fortunately, he took home the first prize.

The singer learned to play the guitar from his mother when he was a teenager when he was 12 years old.

Then, in 1971, Don Williams signed as a songwriter for Jack Clement to Jack Music Publishing Company. However, other artists were reluctant to record some of Williams’ song. With this, Jack Clement decided to sign him up as an artist in his JMI Records. He then recorded his very first track “Don’t You Believe.”

Don Williams

In 1974, Williams released his song “We Should Be Together” which peaked No.5. Later that year, his song I Wouldn’t Want to Live If You Didn’t Love Me became his very first number one hit. It became his signature song that made his name to prominence.

Above all, Don Williams had recorded and released more than forty singles, and seventeen of them have topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Furthermore, due to William’s choice of music and pure talent he has received awards and recognition from the Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association. These were ACM Single Record of the Year for the song “Tulsa Time,” CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, CMA Album of the Year, and ACM Cliffie Stone Icon Award. Lastly, he is an inductee in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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