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“If Hollywood Don’t Need You”: Don Williams’ 13th No.1 Song

Don Williams

In the entire course of the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams’ career, he has placed a total of 17 No.1 songs on the country charts. All in all, 40 hits have been known worldwide due to his smooth voice and power to influence people. And, for all the country music enthusiasts out there, “If Hollywood Don’t Need You” is for you. This song will definitely remind you of the one and only Don Williams.

The Story…

The song portrays living life in Hollywood. Yes, the life and the luxury as well as the difficulties in Hollywood. Two couples have parted ways to fulfill their dreams. The guy flew to Hollywood to seek a better life. Both have communication still. But, the struggle, living life alone without the person in your heart. It is, unquestionably, sad and this is what exactly the song depicts. Indeed, the hardships of long distance relationship.

If Hollywood Don’t Need You…

Bob McDill is the songwriter behind “ If Hollywood Don’t Need You.” McDill wrote most of William’s songs. On the other hand, the song was released in November 1982 as the 3rd single from Williams’ album “Listen To The Radio.” It became Williams’ 13th No.1 songs on the country charts.

On the Billboard Hot Country Singles, the song became No.1 on March 5, 1983. It wiped out the other country artists and their songs. They were Conway Twitty with his song “The Rose” and “Why Baby Why” by Charley Pride.

The Lyrics…

Well you know I’m not much good at writin’ letters

So I gave up and decided that I’d call

Now there’s not much news to tell you

Things back here they never change at all

It snowed today; it’s cold here for November

But I hear the weather’s warm out there

Oh, and if you see Burt Reynolds would you shake his hand for me

And tell ol‘ Burt I’ve seen all his movies

Well, I hope you make for the big time, I hope your dreams come true

But if Hollywood don’t need you, honey, I still do

Last night I drove the truck to Amarillo

Some friends and I we had a laugh or two

But lately, we don’t cut up like we used to

‘Cause all that I can think about is you

I know this is what you’ve always wanted

But I know now that all I want is you

No doubt, Don Williams can strike us, touch us, and make us cry through his songs. It’s like, telling a story only with music. And, it is more emotional with his mellow voice and of course its powerful lyrics.

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