April 27

Don Williams’ Advice Is Simply Just “Walkin’ A Broken Heart”


Don Williams

When the one you love looks at you differently, and you notice that he doesn’t seem the same anymore. You can’t help but cry and be angry at the world. Your friends try to say “it will all get better in time” but you want to yell at them “No it won’t! It never will.” It’s a pain that won’t escape you. And for a while, life as you know it will have ended.

We all experience heartbreak, some are having a hard time dealing with it, but some can move on quickly. Good for those people, but it’s too complicated for those who aren’t.

On the other hand, diverse experiences in heartbreak differ us from relieving the pain. But for Don Williams, “Walkin’ A Broken Heart” is the most uncomplicated and humble way of dealing with it.

Listen to the song and realizations will pour. Besides, the harmony can at least warmth your soul and forget for a moment.

The song is simple, but it will strike you with the lyrics. Nevertheless, the totality of “Walkin’ A Broken Heart,” with its direct lyrics and heart-melting melody will make you believe that somewhat, someday, you will heal.

The Lyrics…

Walkin’ down this midnight street

Just the sound of two lonely feet

Walkin’ a broken heart

Empty city, not a soul in sight

And a misty rain falls on a perfect night

To walk a broken heart

Walk a broken heart

And I know that you’re thinkin’

This couldn’t happen to you

But you’re a fool for believing

Dreams don’t fly away, cause they do.

So if you’ve been hurt and you’re feelin’ lost

Just put your paperback back and turn your t.v. off

And walk your broken heart,

Walk your broken heart.

The Song…

Dennis and Alan Rush are the people behind the words and lyrics of “Walkin’ a Broken Heart.” It was recorded then by the one and only “Gentle Giant” Don Williams. Furthermore, it was released in January 1985 as Williams’ third single from his album “Cafe Carolina.”

Don Williams has already placed No.1 songs on the country charts. This song is just one of the top charting songs of his entire career. In fact, “Walkin’ A Broken Heart” reached No.2 on the Billboard Hot Country Song chart.

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