September 9

A very much Alive Don Williams Captures Power of Love in ‘I Believe in You’


Today is the day that we question how much do we value life or more importantly, how much do we give love every day that our alarm clock goes off or when we are on our way to the office job that drained us. In the face of boring routines or flooded news of cruelty, how many times do we believe in each other or believe that we can give love no matter how unfortunate life has become? Today, Don Williams reminded us again of how important it is to believe in love, to believe in us.

Don Williams, His Humble Beginnings

A resident of the Lone Star State and recently affected state of Hurricane Harvey, Donald Ray Williams was born in Floydada, Texas and grew up in Portland. Williams first tried his luck in music by forming a folk-pop group called Pozo-Seco Singers in 1971.

After the group that he formed disbanded, Don Williams began what would be a successful solo career in 1972. He inked a contract with JMI Records as a solo country artist and released chart=topping and culture-influencing songs such as ‘You are my Best friend’ in 1975, ‘I Recall a Gypsy Woman’ in 1976 and a conquering album entitled ‘Images’.

Similar songs also prompted a Don Williams domination as it was proven that his songs bridged the borders of continents making him a country superstar not only in the United States but also in UK, Australia, and even Kenya.

I Believe in You, Don Williams

In 1980, Williams again had his record-breaking song both locally and internationally. He released ‘I Believe in You’ which was a 12-week number one track and it was also believed to have conquered New Zealand after it ranked 38th biggest hit songs of 1981.

‘I Believe in You’ is a very plain country spoken song that was masterfully sung by Don Williams. In this video and might have been the last recorded ones before his death, we see him performing the said song unaffected by how age changed his appearance as his voice was unbelievably flawless. ‘I Believe in You’ tells us to believe in love in a rhyme of world that may be full of uncertainties.

Watch the moving performance here:


I Believe In You Lyrics

I don’t believe in superstars
Organic food and foreign cars
I don’t believe the price of gold
The certainty of growing old
That right is right and left is wrong
That north and south can’t get along
That east is east and west is west
And bein’ first is always best.

But I believe in love
I believe in babies
I believe in mom and dad
And I believe in you.

Well, I dont believe that heaven waits
For only those who congregate
I’d like to think of God as love
He’s down below
He’s up above
He’s watchin’ people everywhere
He knows who does and doesn’t care
And I’m an ordinary man
Sometimes I wonder who I am.

But I believe in love
I believe in music
I believe in magic
And I believe in you.



don williams, I believe in you

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