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Don Williams’ “I Believe in You” was the “Gentle Giant’s” Eleventh No.1 Single


Don Williams’ “I Believe in You” was the "Gentle Giant's" Eleventh No.1 Single 1

The “Gentle Giant” is truly one of a kind. His talent and voice are different from others as he’s the only country artist with such a voice. Also, the songs left marks in our hearts as they inspire us and were part of our lives. All in all, Don Williams has placed a total of seventeen number one singles on the country charts. “I Believe in You” was his eleventh to become number one.

To remember Don Williams and his work of arts, let’s listen once more to his single “I Believe in You.” This song is one of the bests from the “Gentle Giant.” A song of true and sincere belief in love and faith to someone.

I Believe in You…

Roger Cook and Sam Hogin pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “I Believe in You.” Don William the “Gentle Giant” recorded and released the song in August 1980. Also, the song was part of his album of the same name. The song was the first single under the album along with other singles such as “Slowly but Surely,” “Simple Song,” “Falling Again,” and others.

Moreover, the song was his only number one single under the album. It placed at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. “I Believe in You” ranked as the thirty-eighth biggest hit of 1981.

Don Williams’ “I Believe in You” was the "Gentle Giant's" Eleventh No.1 Single 2

Don Williams was the “Gentle Giant” of Country Music. It is because of his imposing height, warm, smooth, baritone voice. He started his career in a band called “Pozo-Seco Singers.” When the group was disbanded, he began as a songwriter for Jack Clement. Later on, he decided to record his songs. His very first singles to top the carts were “We Should Be Together”. Then, it followed by “You’re My Best Friend,” and “I Recall a Gypsy Woman.”

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