August 21

Why Don Williams was called the Gentle Giant?

No, it has nothing to do with his height.

“I believe in what I sing and hope that strikes a chord”
                                    – Don Williams

He is another living proof that you do not have to pull out elaborate gimmicks just to be noticed. Your talent and your passion for it will do.

According to most of his biographers, he is not one to feel the need to prove anything through his songs. He just loves his own brand of music and just sticks to his laidback yet self-assured playing style. His song inspirations were commonly rooted from his experiences of being a blue-collared worker from bread truck driver, to furniture salesman, then as a bill collector. It does not come as a surprise then why he is effortlessly a darling of the masses.

When he is not performing or going on tours, he is just a plain homebody. He loves the serenity that it brings him. He carries that same demeanor of loving quiet times even when on tours. No wonder the crazy schedules did not crank him much. He was quoted in an interview saying,

“Well, there are things that I don’t do. I don’t do a whole lot of sitting around chit-chatting, laughing, and carrying on—especially when I’m on the road where that just makes you tired, anyway. Even at home on the farm there are literally days on end that I may not say anything but for an hour or two a day.”

The wonder though is on how can these oftentimes reserved singer-legend draws crowds and fills stadiums at the announcement of his concert. Well, we could safely say that his songs speak right to the hearts of his audience. His mellow voice and soft playing of guitar are commendable, but not quite extraordinary. Still, both brought him to the heights of fame and his songs became renowned worldwide. And that, my friend was how he was dubbed as our timeless “Gentle Giant.”

Before you go, first relax listening to his warm voice as he sings, “ Lord I Hope this Day is Good” in of his live concerts.


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