October 6

Don Williams’ Album “Reflections” Series I: I’ll Be Here in the Morning

Like a vintage wine, there goes Don Williams’ baritone voice smoothing my tangled thoughts with I’ll be Here in the Morning. With lyrics written by the genius Townes Van Zandt, it is a very perceptive and evocative song for nostalgia and throwbacks. Have a good listen to it first.


I am not an expert analyst yet but with Don Williams’ album entitled Reflections, I wonder if he was also singing from experience with the inclusion of the aforementioned song? Regardless, bet any man or woman who have had wanderlusts or a drive for a career beyond their borders went through the same dilemma.

There’s lots of things along the road
I’d surely like to see
I’d like to lean into the wind
And tell myself I’m free

Should they leave and take a chance for independence and freedom at the cost of losing a love? Or should they stay and be bound by the love they presently have?

But your softest whisper’s louder
Than the highways call to me

Well, when you are young, most likely you will choose the former. Sung from the perspective of Don Williams though, the wordings sounded like a piece of his wisdom. And judging his marital background of fidelity and harmony with his wife of more than 50 years, he is a voice to heed.

Back to the song, the narrator decided, in the end, to stay with his love. Reflecting, he realized that he would find no other joy in exploring further (see first and last verse). The love he shares with his significant other was more than enough for him to live abundantly.

Lay your head back easy, love,
Close your cryin’ eyes
I’ll be layin’ here beside you

Close your eyes
I’ll be here in the morning
Close your eyes
I’ll be here for a while

Interpretations are subjective. Add yours in the comments. Tell me what angle have I missed.


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