October 24

The Painting Comes to Life with Don McLean: “Vincent”

To be honest, I really love this artist that I’m featuring today; it’s the legendary Don McLean y’all. Indeed, he is one of the personalities that other artists look up to. Well, who wouldn’t recognize his famous “American Pie.” In fact, my grandfather loved him as much. I hope that he will continue to influence rising artists to make good music.

“American Pie”

Donald McLean III better known as Don McLean was a singer-songwriter. McLean rose to fame in 1971 when he released his groundbreaking song “American Pie.” Further, he also released other songs that went to the top of the charts worldwide. With this, he was included in the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2004. Indeed, Don McLean possesses a great talent that can strike right through the heart.

However, McLean’s childhood was rough due to his illness; he was not able to attend school, specifically music lessons which he loved the most. At an early age, he looked up to Frank Sinatra and Buddy Holly. These two people had a significant influence on his music. Folk music was his core interest; he even bought his guitar to make his record. Anyhow, he made it through the music industry and established a respectable name.

“The Painting”

“Vincent” was a tribute to Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch Painter, and it was sung by Don Mclean. Thus, it is also known as “Starry Starry Night” about the painting The Starry Night. In addition, Mclean also featured other paintings of Van Gogh. The song was written in 1971, and it was inspired by the painter’s life. Upon its release, the song became a massive hit, in UK Singles Chart, it stayed at no. 1 and no. 12 in U.S. Charts.

Indeed, the song was a success, and it was ranked no. 94 by Billboard in 1972. Critics observed that the song had a melancholic vibe and melody. Thus, giving it a catchy aura, maybe that’s why it became a massive hit upon its release. To date, Don Mclean’s “Vincent” is still one of the greatest classics and favorite song of many. I guess good songs never grow old.


Donald Mclean III, Vincent, Vincent Van Gogh

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