September 24

“Climbing Up the Mountain:” A Gospel Single By Don Gibson

When we walk alone, we feel weary, tired, and lonely. If that happens we easily give up in life but if we walk with God, every burden we have God will carry it for us. Moreover, if we let God in our lives, then we can easily climb the mountains and we will reach heaven, a place where there is no more sin and no more death.

“Climbing Up the Mountain”

“Climbing Up the Mountain” is a gospel song written by Mosie Lister and performed by country singer Don Gibson. Gibson included his song in his very first gospel album No One Stands Alone. He released the album in 1958 under his record label RCA Victor. In addition, Chet Akins produce Gibson’s album. He included some traditional songs in his first gospel album (“Lonesome Valley” and “Canaan’s Land”). Sadly, his album did not enter the Billboard chart but you can enjoy Gibson’s pure, authentic voice in this album of his.

The Meaning of the Song

The song “Climbing Up the Mountain” brings comfort to people who listen to it. The song first begins with the narrator who feels he is traveling alone. He felt lonely and weary because no one is there for him. The valley the narrator mentions can be understood as living here on earth without God in our life. When the narrator reaches the mountains, he felt happy and relieved. He knew that something is waiting for him up there thus, he keeps on climbing the mountain. On this part of the song, the narrator climbing the mountain is now understood as a man knowing God. Since God exists in our life, we will not be sinners anymore and we are sure that we will reach heaven.

Don Gibson, The Artist

Don Gibson started making music in 1948 and earned his first song on the chart in 1956, “Sweet Dreams.” He is best known for his songs “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and “Sweet Dreams.” Gibson released 38 studio album in his entire career and charted a total of 71 songs as a solo artist.

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Climbing Up the Mountain, Don Gibson

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